• Pumpkin Pie Eating Competition

    Are YOU up to the challenge?

It’s a PIE Thing

Pumpkin Pie Eating Contests

Event Sponsor: Venues Café

Event Information
Kids: 10 – 17 years old (6 spots each Sunday)
Adults: 18+ (6 spots each Sunday)
First come, first serve – advance reservation suggested; Early reservation available using the form below.

Prizes include: specially signed pumpkin merchandise “goodie bags” from Ray Villafane, a signed t-shirt and book, an official Festival Pumpkin Pin and year-long bragging rights!

Date and Time

Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion Main Stage

Sunday, Oct. 21: 1 p.m., Kids (6 spots); 1:30 p.m., Adults (6 spots)

Sunday, Oct. 28: 1 p.m., Kids (6 spots); 1:30 p.m., Adults (6 spots)

Contest Rules

  • No hands may be used.
  • The first person to finish his/her pie and stand up is declared the winner.
  • In the event of a tie, BOTH winners will receive a prize pack!
  • Visible signs of sickness are an automatic disqualification.
  • A completed registration form and event waiver MUST BE signed by all contestants prior to the start of each contest. Children under 18 MUST HAVE a parent/legal guardian present to participate, and the parent/legal guardian MUST SIGN their registration form.

Event Sponsor

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